Ode to Exploration: Men of Maize


During the summer of 2018, we explored Mayan folklore through a Guatemalan historical lens. Inspired by the Creation of the Maya legend, our inaugural short film entitled “Men of Maize”—the eponymous SS19 collection—looks to embody the spirit of transition and further explores the intersection of Mayan and Catholic rituals in Central America. “Men of Maize” pays homage to the traditional narrative which historically accounts that all Mayans originated from maize (corn). The abstract film documented through the point of view of a local Guatemalan-born Shaman, Ignacio Ventura, serves as a visual narrative that illustrates the interlaced practices that have been largely affected by colonialism. The film incorporates and is juxtaposed with a distinct Eurocentric perspective to illuminate a multilayered cultural identity.

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Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Chichicastenango, Guatemala

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Ashya NYC